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Jets vs Bears: New York Jets vs. Bears Week 8 2018, Predictions, Latest Odds. I’ve gotta be honest here folks. I don’t feel great about this one. It just feels way too much like one of those classic Jets games where everything leading up to it makes you feel like the Jets are gonna lose and then they go ahead and get absolutely demolished and exceed your wildest nightmares. I’m sorry but it’s true.

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I don’t know. There are a few scenarios I can think of where the Jets win this one, but with all the injuries adding up, it’s gonna take some outstanding performances from guys who haven’t done a ton all season.

I already kinda feel like an ass for starting off so pessimistic. I just needed to get that all off my chest so I can move on to trying to sound positive. The Bears aren’t a perfect team. There will be opportunities for the Jets to take control of this game. We just don’t know if the Jets are good enough to actually do it.

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We know they have Khalil Mack but he’s also hurt and listed as questionable. He’s obviously the best player on the field every time he steps on one. It would be a good thing if he didn’t play.

We know Mitch Trubisky is the Quarterback. He’s not that good. He’s athletic and can make some plays, but he can also be taken advantage of. The Jets haven’t done a good job containing scrambling QBs at all in 2018, and Trubisky is definitely someone who can take advantage of this if given opportunities to do so.

It’s cold in Chicago. We also know that. It’s gonna probably be cold on Sunday. Sam Darnold might not like playing in the cold. Most QBs don’t. Sunday’s gonna be a great opportunity for Isaiah Crowell to prove he’s healthy again and capable of getting the offense back on track. I’m not saying it’s a great matchup for him, but the offense needs him to have a big game badly.

That’s how it’s been all year. 10 TDs and 10 INTs. It’s a classic rookie up and down. I will say I think Darnold has done a good job learning from his mistakes. He’s gotten more and more comfortable dealing with all the different, new looks NFL defensive coordinators will throw at you. So although I’m not gonna sit here and guarantee Sam Darnold is gonna stop making silly mistakes, I do think they’re gonna come less and less.

Here’s what’s holding me back from thinking he can take a big step forward this week: Most of his best weapons are out or dealing with injuries. Robby Anderson is doubtful. Quincy Enunwa is still out. Powell is done for the season. Crowell is still banged up. I just don’t know if there’s enough talent around him to scare the defense away from doing everything they can to mess with Darnold. If the Jets can’t establish the run at all on Sunday, I think it’ll end up being a long day for Sam Darnold and ultimately the entire offense.

They also need to block Khalil Mack if he plays. I know a few teams have tried that this year and had some success. So maybe the Jets should give it a try. I guess we’ll see.
Still a scary looking list. Robby being out is big and yes I’m taking the doubtful as out. Still no Trumaine Johnson and it sounds like Morris Claiborne is gonna be playing with a few things bothering him, so that’s not exactly great either.

I suppose the good thing is Buster Skrine cleared concussion protocol and should be good to go Sunday. The only problem with that is it sets up perfectly for Buster Skrine to get exposed by some mediocre Bears’ receiver. Maybe he’ll surprise me.

I’m a little confused by what I’m feeling right now. I don’t think I can pick the Jets. On one hand, it once again proves that up until Week 8 every time I’ve picked the Jets at least a part of me has believed it. I honestly thought I could go all season picking the Jets, but I guess every dream has to come to an end…

Actually, fuck that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; believe in the Jets or get the fuck out of the kitchen. I’m saying that to myself, not you. That’s the only way I know how to live.

Darnold throws for 3 TDs and Mitch Trubisky runs around but ultimately comes up short. Herndon makes some more plays and Daryl Roberts comes up with a big INT. This is all happening so fast.

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