Seahawks vs Lions

Seahawks vs Lions : The Seattle Seahawks are looking to exit Week 8 with a winning record by defeating the Detroit Lions. The Seattle Seahawks are 3-3 going into Week 8 and are facing the 3-3 Detroit Lions. This is a big game for the Seahawks because it offers them a chance to have a winning record and this is one of the games the team should win. I’d argue they need to win this game since they still have a number of more challenging matchups this season.

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The Seahawks are coming off of their bye week, while the Lions are on a two-game winning streak. The team’s last loss came against the Dallas Cowboys, who the Seahawks beat earlier this year. The last two games Seattle played were by far their best. Both teams seem to be hitting their strides so this will be a great matchup.

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This should be a good one on Sunday, but here are three bold predictions for the Seahawks in this Week 8 contest.

If Doug Baldwin plays on Sunday, Lockett will be set up with a perfect opportunity to have a big game. Baldwin has been banged up all season long and only started to look like himself again in Week 6. Hopefully the bye week did him some good and now he’s fully in Pro Bowl form again.

If that is indeed the case, he’ll draw Darius Slay in coverage. Slay led the league in interceptions last season with eight and was a First Team All-Pro. Baldwin is good enough that the Seahawks should line him up against Slay and try to isolate the speedy Lockett against an inferior corner.

Lockett has already had a couple of big plays this year. He benefitted from the time that Baldwin missed and got to first team reps to start the season. If he finishes the season on his current pace, 60 receiving yards per game, he’ll set a personal best. He’s also on pace for a new personal best in receptions and receiving touchdowns.

Lockett’s game is beginning to flourish at just the right time and the Seahawks need to utilize that against opponents like the Lions, especially because Baldwin will be drawing priority coverages.

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